After Reading This, You will Realize the Lee Escobar Truth

We are here to solidify the Lee Escobar truth and help you understand a scam. Lee is a well educated man who has been successful as an entrepreneur, national speaker and real estate investor. He has been working hard all his life to build and maintain a solid reputation through continually financial and academic education, which is the key to life long financial success.  What he has deduced through years of study is that true education is like the three sides of a coin.  Harmonious education is standing on the edge of the coin and seeing both sides in order to truly make the right choices for ones life.  It seems like a scam when the other side of the coin isn’t taught.  The two sides of the coin that affects our bank account is academic and financial education. One teaches  a person to get a job and the other teaches how to become an entrepreneur who owns businesses and invests. When you look closely you’ll see which side the majority of our education is built upon.  Why is financial education not equally taught to us while growing up? Why do we have to look outside of the traditional school system to learn about being an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurship as a choice purposely being withheld from us like a scam? Lee Escobar won’t answer yes or no to those questions but he will say “if there is a problem then find the solution.” “We can’t change the past but we can change how feel about today and then change our tommorrow.” and “learn what you don’t know and it will take you where you want to go.”  Yet, there are so many people who are still are influenced by only their one sided academic education then falsely label anything that is different a scam. One example is we are normally taught to “save money” but the other side of the coin is to invest money (the only ones who save money are the ones who don’t know how to invest money). One side says “all debt is bad” the other side understands their is a difference between good and bad debt. So the financially educated get into as much good debt as possible (leverage).  The sides are not bad or good just different.  Those that resonate with playing the money game as an entrepreneur opposed to an employee after attending a Lee Escobar training remain close to him by following his teachings. You can go to and read about such people on the website or watch video testimonials

Earlier sessions of Lee Escobar:

With the help of his website, we get to know how long he has been in the industry. He has been training people on the aspects of financial education since 2004 and has held more than 350 three day training workshops, reaching more than 29,000 students in markets across the world.

Coverage by different TV Stations:

To learn more about his persona and the sincerity he emanates you can view different TV interviews from news stations (local as well as national) like ABC, HLN, CBS and FOX. His videos and interviews have been aired many times across the United States. Such popular channels would have never aired him if he would have been a ‘thug’ in any sense.  His popularity, which is in a positive manner even after exposing the scam of not teaching the other side of the coin thus forcing the majority of Americans to stay as employees , proves that he is a genuine man and deserves to be respected by all those who look forward to learn from him.